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Six Figure Sales Funnel

I tell most of my clients who’ve got a *specific* monetary goal in mind, the first step is to break down your goal into a workable and more short term step process that will bring about their desired goals.

For example, if your goal is to make $100k/year.. you’d need to generate about $2,000 per week

In order to generate $2000 per week we need to have a high-ticket offer to present in our already existing sales funnel, or create a good front end offer relevant enough to the backend (high ticket) offer to generate additional sales as your subscribers move through your funnel.

Let me give you an example:

Front End Product: ~ $400

A fully loaded training program, complete with 8-10 video / PDF module set as well as some level of access to yourself for an extended period of time, say… 8 weeks or so..

Second Product: ~ $200

Could be the exact same as the above mentioned front end product (only offered as a downsell for those who decline the top dollar package) the only difference being that it would include no access to you.. Since your time isn’t being spent you could easily price this package a bit lower..

Third Product: ~ $100

This one could be optional, but it could include a bit less of the initial content, or STRICTLY PDF content (no video) or access to you..

So once you’ve added these 2-3 OTOs into your funnel, all you need to do is generate minimum:

1 $400 Sale

3 $200 Sales

2 $100 Sales

(You could of course have (2) $400 sales and (2) $100 sales, or any number of combinations here.. And after seeing what converts best, simply tweak and optimize those price points)

But for the sake of simplicity.. That’s 5 sales… in 1 week… $2k/week… $100k / year.

If you have multiple relevant products or front end offers already – you could attach this offer to your existing sales funnels…

If you don’t already have a sales funnel in place you could create a freebie / squeeze page relevant to the backend training you’re promoting and buy traffic.

Once you see how your traffic converts you can gauge how many new subscribers you need to push into your funnel per week to generate (at minimum) those 5 sales on the backend..

Let’s say you have a weak lead source, you may need to generate more subscribers, test other lead sources, or tweak the pricing / inclusions of your offer..

Find that sweet spot and scale.

My online business blueprint

There are 5 steps to building a real business online:

  1. Get into a high-demand, high-paying niche.
  2. Position yourself as an expert in that niche.
  3. Build a list of subscribers who desperately want training in your niche.
  4. Create a training program or coaching program to give them that training.
  5. Get good at positioning your training in such a way that people WANT to enroll.

That’s it.  Really.  It’s exactly what I do.. and It’s exactly what just about every other successful marketer online is doing.

If you aren’t doing all 5 of those steps, you probably aren’t successful online.

I challenge you:

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and a pen
  2. Write down the 5 steps above
  3. Write down what you are doing in each of the 5 steps
  4. Now, time to evaluate: are you doing each step as well as you need to?

If not, what do you need to change in order to get the success you want?

If you are dreaming and hoping and reading articles like this but you aren’t taking action/ implementing the steps necessary to accomplish your goals.. Chances are that’s the reason you’re not successful.

What is YOUR next step?

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