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Identify one big goal

If you haven’t been able to FOCUS on a clear goal and the steps necessary to implementing it it.. you could be working against yourself..

You see, when you are crystal clear on the one thing you want to accomplish – not 10 things, not a new thing every 3 days, or when a new book or wso or membership comes out.. but ONE THING.

One BIG GOAL..  – you tend to take action on that one thing.

And when you take action on that one thing – it actually gets accomplished

What are YOU going to focus on in this month?

Fear of failure

Today, I had a client who came to me with an inquisition about changing the direction of our coaching program. He’s still a somewhat new client, but until now we’d been making rapid progress on launching his own line of niche IM products.

We’d successfully launched his first product idea, and results weren’t quite what he expected. So naturally, .. he was a bit discouraged about continuing on the product creation path. Human nature, so I’m going to cut him a break here.

But this led me to start thinking about exactly how common this is in IM.

Many of us, even if we have a coach and someone keeping us on track, don’t even get to the stage of ‘action’… and when we do, we’re just so distracted by the other possibilities out there, we lose focus, and move on ‘to the next one’

It’s important that you don’t ‘give up’ after only one attempt. That’s where most IMers go wrong. You can’t hop from one thing to the next and hope for immense success out of the gate.

Success is walking from failure to failure, without loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill
If something doesn’t work, find out why. Do it again. Stay persistent until you reach your goals, and you will be successful.