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Are you doing too many things at once?

I hear a lot of people talking about how they’re trying 10 different things (or methods) but haven’t been able to find anything “that works..”

When I ask them to explain, they’ll say that they work for an hour on one thing, then an hour on something else… they’re trying Facebook.. They’re trying product creation.. They’re following a mastermind group, etc etc.

It’s as if the concept to this business was to “try more things” and “have more success”

Not true.

Everybody has their own daily routines and way of *getting things done* but the real key to success is focusing on one thing until you’ve succeeded at it.

Are you doing too much?

Are you trying too many things?

Following too many coaches, mentors?

What would happen if you just laser-focused on one thing?

Just one thing till it was done, no distractions.. nothing new till it’s done.

Simplify, streamline and focus on what matters: