Email Automation Efficiency

When you first begin planning an email campaign, you want to do it on a person by person basis.. by going through the EXACT engagement process you would just as if you were selling a client one-on-one. That’s because you want to IDENTIFY with your audience.

As your list grows, and you build up more and more subscribers, you will begin automating your email campaigns through an AR (autoresponder service) such as GetResponse.

You’ll want to begin copying/pasting your responses into a new document that you can repurpose into a new content message in the future (based on the most commonly beneficial examples you’ve built up by “getting in the trenches” so to say..)

So you’re going to build a relationship now, and naturally your response rates will go down (people will realize it’s an AR and not you) and as you grow, the reality is that you’ll ultimately get less responsive….

If personal engagement is crucial to your business model, hire another assistant..

If that’s not feasible, than you’re going to have to swallow your pride and automate it..

On a per person basis, am I less responsive than I was 2 years ago? YES.. I am less efficient, however the fact that I’m automated, I can have so many more people on my list.. a much larger piece of the pie so to say.

Write your emails so people believe that you are answering their questions and replying to them personally..

And if the question doesn’t relate to them?

You simply pick and choose the questions that are going to relate to the highest number of individuals.. rinse & repeat.