Information Product Creation

Product creation is one of the easiest way to generate revenue online with minimal investment/overhead..

Although it may be the cheapest route financially, it requires its fair share of opportunity cost and can be mentally draining if you’ve found yourself stuck in the idea / concept phase of product creation.

Like anything else, the key is to keep it simple.

The thought process involved with product creation can be overwhelming when you consider all of the pieces to the puzzle and how they’re all going to fit together in the end. Sometimes so overwhelming that it actually HANGS YOU UP in the process, blocking you from being creative and coming up with that next big product idea.

Think about it like this.

What is something that you know how to do, that someone else may want to learn? A problem that you’ve found the solution to.. ?

You’re probably thinking, “yeah.. I know how to (insert your skill here) but there’s 9,500,023,654,654 other people who have free tutorials out there on YouTube.. “


IT DOESN’T MATTER if the informations already out there, or it’s something other people are already doing, or if it’s a skill you find mundane and not worth paying for.

WHAT DOES MATTER is your personal relationship with that particular audience, and HOW you position it in a way that SOLVES THEIR PROBLEM.

A great example of this would be a training I put out 2-3 years ago.

It was a simple product that included a PDF file, and 3 video modules that showing (step-by-step) how I went through the process of buying a domain name, setting up hosting and installing wordpress for an affiliate landing page.

Although these skills are all very basic in themselves, and there are millions of tutorials out there that taught the same thing… there wasn’t training out there presenting the sales page in the way I was to the audience I was, promising to solve the problem that i was.

I was targeting Internet Marketers, not just people trying to learn how to install wordpress. I was presenting the product as a 100% walkthrough with affiliate marketing being the end point. It was affordable, actionable, and packaged in a way that met the needs of my audience.

It had my style of teaching (which was helpful for previous / repeat clients) and had my full ongoing support.

While the core skills taught were common knowledge to most.. The manner in which I identified my audience, served a solution to the problem, and marketed my brand were unique.

Interested in creating a product of your own, but not sure where to start?

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