"Warrior Forum Marketing Coach Reveals “Most Proven Method” To Generating Money Online.."

The Exact (Copy & Paste) Product Creation Blueprint With Guaranteed 100% Success Rates Across The Board...

Dear Friend,

Thanks for stopping by! For those of you who don't know me my name is Grayson B and I'm an Internet Marketing coach and affiliate marketer..

I've been around for quite a while and have most recently been focusing on IM Consulting/Coaching.

I’ve launched countless successful products/services over the past decade and coached over 100 Internet entrepreneuers to success in all areas of IM, anywhere from eCommerce, to Affiliate marketing, to product creation.

During my time spent helping others achieve success.. I’ve racked up quite a portfolio of successful product launches and have had the pleasure of being involved as dozens of entrepreneurs made their first sales and generated their first bit of income online.

The Thrill I Get When My Clients Have Their First Taste Of Success Is Priceless..

That’s why I normally suggest product creation as the path most recommended for those who are new to IM and looking to get those first few hundred sales under their belt...

Product creation is quite possibly the QUICKEST and most RAPID way to generate a passive, automated income online without the overhead, investment, and creative vision that most comparable (monetized) IM alternatives require.

I've helped clients see success in product creation from all walks to the park, including:

  • 100% newbies without any product creation, IM experience or ideas
  • Experienced affiliate marketers looking to diversify their income streams
  • Existing product owners looking to expand and optimize their existing products
  • Shiny object chasers, ready to buckle down and do something that produces results
  • Entrepreneuers looking for a new business model to outsource & automate

Product Creation Is a Copy + Paste Business Model...

As I mentioned earlier, my primary focus over the past year has been on exclusive, 1-on-1 IM coaching with a limited number of clients.. which clearly demands quite a bit of my time.

As I'm sure you've guessed.. this is where I tell you that I've packaged my years of experience with trial/error and laid it all out for you in an interactive, completely BULLETPROOF training program..


[ Product Creation Coaching ]

Naturally, I’ve had MANY clients in particular who have no vision or specific direction on where or what they hope to achieve with their IM business.

They know only one thing.. They’re sick of spending money, and not making money…

They're sick of getting pieces to the puzzle but being left confused and hands up in the air not sure what to do next..

That's why I've ensured that EVERY piece to the puzzle is covered in this comprehensive training program.

  • Customized, step by step (copy & paste) blueprint for your first product launch
  • Personalized sales funnel setup guaranteed to maximize ROI on every sale
  • Guaranteed sales on your first product launch or your money back
  • An automated BUYERS list ready to buy your second (and future) products
  • A proven sales copy template (one I personally use myself) guaranteed to make sales

When I Want To Show a Client Results, I Insist on Product Creation..

Product creation has TIME AND TIME AGAIN been my “go to” for clients anxious to "see results" and -I'm not saying that product creation is for amateurs by any means- but my goal as an IM coach is to PROVE to my clients that I’m the guy that will show them results.

For obvious reasons, if they’re making money with my help, and profiting.. They’ll continue to pay me for my services..

A clear WIN/WIN, I’m sorry if that sounds crude, but I’m just being transparent...

Upon Enrollment, You'll Be Fully Armed With Everything You Need...

  • Product Idea - I'll personally show you how to come up with an (in-demand) product idea, and show you how to procure all the content you need to create it
  • Product Format - We'll determine a format (Audio, Video, Text, Email) that works best for your needs. I'll also show you how to automate the delivery upon successful sales transaction
  • Product Creation- Step By Step (broken down) process for creating your product in a few short steps (as well as some tips on how to outsource & automate it if you choose)
  • Front End Presentation - Copy + Paste sales copy and blueprint for creating your front end sales page as well as marketing tips for making your first few sales
  • Sales Funnel Configuration- We'll walk through the entire process and get your product fully optimized with a high-converting sales funnel (the same process I myself use..)
  • 100% Automation - Everything will be 100% automated and hand-off once you go live, from the payment, to the product delivery
  • Email List Building - I show you how to automate the process of adding buyers to your autoresponder automatically and re-market to them later on
  • Full Support Every Step Of The Way...

I've Got A 100% Success Rate... Every Client Makes Money... 

I’ve seen it all, and have it broken down into a science. I’ll tell you right now, I’ve NOT ONCE had a client come to me after following and implementing my recommended path of product creation with regrets or “I told you so’s”..

You know why? Because it’s truly not as scary as it seems, and it has a 100% SUCCESS RATE.

When my clients make money, they’re sold on my services and are HAPPY to pay me (monthly) for my ongoing support and guidance as I help them grow and scale their success.

My training stems from case-study driven, absolutely PROVEN results. 

I'll Personally Review & Sign Off On Your First Product Launch!

I'm planning to select a small handful of my most successful new product launchers (1-on-1) a bit later down the road to work with me personally and become my next success story.

In order to give everyone a fighting chance I've decided to PERSONALLY get involved with your first product launch.

I'm offering 24/7 FULL ACCESS to my PERSONAL email so that you have a direct line to me (not any of my VAs) throughout the entire process. 

I normally charge $197 per 30 minute session.. but this is included 100% FREE of charge. 

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I've done this so many times, I don't even worry about refund requests..  Absolutely NO RISK!

If you aren't able to follow this training and make money.. contact support, and I will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

I’m only going to manage a handful of new product launchers at a time, so this training is going to be open and closed. No, this isn't a false scarcity tactic..

I genuinely like to be involved.. the high I get when I'm able to see how I'm changing other peoples lives is what drives me. 

If the buy now button redirects you to a contact form, please note that I’ll be in touch as soon as some of my time has been freed up and I’ve signed off on existing clients product launches. Please do not PM me or reply to this thread asking for an ETA because I work solely on a “First In, First Out” basis.

Grayson Bryan

EDIT: No, I am not willing to JV or revshare in exchange for an exception to the abovementioned limit. Please do not PM or email me with these types of offers as they will be disregarded.

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